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Creative Interview with the young and popular illustrator Saclia!


Artist Name: Saclia

Twitter: @saclia

Weibo: @眠川利

Profession: University student

School: Communication University of China

Major: Animation Production

■Art Gallery

The reason I continue to draw is to express the world I want.

──First of all, we'd like you to introduce yourself, Saclia.

I'm Saclia, currently a university student studying animation, also do some illustration work in spare time as a freelance illustrator.

──When did you start learn to draw? What’s the opportunity led you to be an illustrator?

I've been interested in drawing since I was in primary school, but I really started to learn more about it when I was in high school. I want create a beautiful world belongs to me, so I kept drawing to be an illustrator.

──How do you think about characters designing and their backstories? Where did inspiration come from?

From my experience, most inspiration doesn't come from research, but suddenly will have an idea, a vague image in my mind, then trying to sketch a character that is closest to that idea. To say that the inspiration could be people or things that exist around me, or from my dreams. There are actually many detailed of my work that came out from dream.

──Your work has hazy atmosphere with light and colour which is impressive, how did you find your own style?

I have always liked looking at landscapes since I was a child, as well as landscape photos and beautifully scenery films, I feeling immersed in them and try to incorporate this preference into my work.

It’s important to finding your style with new methods, expressing your core ideas through new painting skill, I found that the style has changed unconsciously.

──Tell us your most impressive experience or difficulties so far on painting!

If think about it carefully the process is relatively smooth, my family supports my hobby, so there is no obstacle to painting. Secondly, as a hobby, I face it with a good and relaxed attitude, there is nothing particularly impressive. I feel everything come to naturally.

──Who is your favorite artist?

I like the flat design such as kei Mochizuki(@key_999)and Cogecha(@BARD713).

──What kind of expressions would you like to try in your future works?

Although my current works are mainly impasto, but in the future I want to try line drawing style like Mucha's art, or works that emphasize the decorative style like Ukiyo-e.

──Please tell us about the creative activities you participated in during your school days!

I participated in some original theme albums produced by acquaintances when I was in high school, as well as some co-productions of doujinshi, such as "Land of the Lustrous" and so on. In 2020, In 2020, I created my first original book'House', and participated in a on-site booth at ComiCup26.

──Would you mind tell us about your favourite Japanese anime or manga works? How these works influenced you?

I like Masaaki Yuasa's anime work, also like“Made in abyss”and“Girls' Last Tour”. These works are full of humanistic spirit have an influence on my materials selection, which is manifested in adding more emotions and thoughts to my illustration.

──How you consider about the relationship between business and art?

I think the combination of these two things is more about making art more life-like and integrating into this society. They promote each other and create more possibilities.

──You seem to created a lot of “Arknights”'s fan art, so who is your favourite“Arknights”characters?

First of all, I have a complex about white-hair character, which means good impression for all white-hair characters have soared me basically. I like W and Warfarin in‘Arknights’ , they are all white-haired demons. Their characteristics are almost paranoid and imperceptible features. I like this sense of boundaries and rationality.

──Your current major is Media Animation, do you plan to continue major as career in the future, or you want to try other fields?

There are many directions I would like to try, and animation is on the list. I'm interested in editing and timeline adjustment, and I'd like to try graphic design and frame design in the future, as well as game character design and story comics. There are also more interests that I would like to pursue besides drawing, such as gardening? (lol)

──Which is your favourite (most satisfying) OC so far? Can you tell us the detail?

It's this one, she had a lot of appearances in my work. Firstly, she's more like past of mine, So it's look real that I pour my thoughts on her. She also has a strong connection with the other characters, so she's probably a "link" in my original world view. In many of my illustrations she's always in my favourite scenes, which is basically at night, it gives me a great sense of mental accomplishment to draw these ideas.

──The visual elements of flowers often appear in your works, is there any implication in them?

I think it's because I've loved buying flowers and going to the park since I was a child, and in primary school I went to the library and memorized almost all the plant families, genera and species in the flower guide. I just wanted to paint something I liked during the drawing, so I would fill every corner of the picture with floral elements.

──Thank you for to be interviewed, is there any words you like to say to your audience or other creators?

I’m grateful so much for all you love and comments. I will continue to make new creations in the future!


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