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サイト名「La Peonier」は、開拓者のフランス語「Pionnier」と牡丹のイタリア語「Peonia」の組み合わせで、フランスの女性名詞定冠詞「La」を加えた造語です。国内外を問わず、話題の最新乙女ブランド及びサブカルチャーに関する情報発信及び商品提供をして参ります。


The site name "La Peonier" is a combination of the French word "Pionnier" meaning "pioneer" and the Italian word "Peonia" meaning "peony", with the French feminine article "La" added. Regardless of domestic or international borders, we will continue to disseminate information and provide products related to the latest popular otome brands and subcultures.

We will continue to provide female-oriented information articles, focusing on original interview articles that you can't read anywhere else. We will also enrich the products of our online shop and develop collaboration product plans with talented young creators. Please stay tuned.

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