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Creative interview with Japanese high school young Illustrator Midori Tekito!


Artist name: Midori Tekito

Country: Japan

Career: High school student

■Art Gallery

This interview is a translation based on the original interview.

───Please introduce yourself!

Please call me Midori Tekito, now I am high school student.

───How did your nickname come from?

Actually "Midori Tekito" is my pseudonym, like alt. It came from my favorite color green which in Japanese means “midori”.The word “tekito” in Japanese means suitable, but for some occasions means whatever. So it will be like ‘green whatever’.

───Would you like to tell us what made you start to learn painting?

I started painting when I could remember, but what really drove me to do creation seriously is the idea that ”print out my drawing as gifts for others”.

I want to make pleasing and impressive art for others, so I searched a lot of famous artists and try to learn from them... The good thing is that my followers are growing.

───Your work’s chiaroscuro and lines are impressive. How did you find your style?

Thank you. I'm just trying to play my strengths. I was often praised for the chiaroscuro and line detail in my works, so I also spent more time on those parts.

───Your work is given a strong emotion, do you incorporate the personal experience into your work?

I didn’t integrate my growth experience or emotions into my work. I just followed the command of my brain "I want to draw like this", and then get the result.

───How do you get inspiration?

Constantly browsing the works of my favorite illustrators, photographers, and animators.

───What’s your most satisfying work until now?

Personally, I like the "Tiger Ghost" drawn on New Year's Day in 2022, especially like the mood of the finished work.

"Tiger Ghost"

───You've created a lot of “Splatoon” fan arts! How long is your playtime in total? And what do you find most interesting about the game?

“Splatoon” is a game I've been playing since the first in its series, and I'm still passionate about it. I love the battle system, but in the creator position, I love the whole design and the complete worldview. For example, the music group in charge of the fight BGM will also appear in the game world, those arrangements really hit me. With Splatoon 3 coming out this September, I can't help to do some fan art!

───What kind of music do you like?

There are so many types of music I like that it’s indecisive. But I've always liked VOCALOID music.

───Who is your favorite illustrator? Is there a reason?

When I was searching for artists' work, I fell in love with Yoneyamai (@yoneyamai)’s work at first sight. I would like to strongly recommend the illustrator and animator named Yoneyamai to everyone, I’m not quite there yet but that doesn’t stop me from feeling exhilarated when I see her work.

───Is there anything you would like to challenge yourselves with in the future in terms of creative themes or methods of expression?

I have always wanted to make music videos with animation. Currently, I am still exploring various possibilities.

───Can you introduce your OC and their stories? Do you have any ideas for your new creation?

Look my OCs back when seeing this question, I found that they all had emotional expressions. Actually, I still have feelings for them, so I will try to give them names and background settings in the future. Regarding the new creation plan, I try to use my style to make costumes for OC, and now I am gradually working on it.

"Cat Ear Mass Production Girl (White)" and "Cat Ear Mass Production Girl (Black)"

(Mass Production type: People who prefer fashion similar to others)

───Let’s talk about the business projects you handled!

I was invited by the Japanese bookstore Village Vanguard (also known as VVSTORE) to draw illustrations and chibi characters for the co-brand project. This is the first time I have the opportunity to create around my OC works. This project is a very precious experience for me.

Also, there is a network singer I like very much called ヰ 世界情绪(World Mood). I drew the cover for her song released on YOUTUBE.

Every time I get to work on any different business project it makes me very happy, and I enjoy cooperating with creators in different industries.

───Do you have any direction you would like to try for your works in commercialization? And what else of cooperation you are most looking forward to?

I feel that if my illustrations can be three-dimensional, I will be happy and work harder to make it real!

───May I ask what career you want to do in the future?

Now I'm still in high school and I haven't found the job I really want to do yet. But I have thought that it would be great if I could work as a freelance illustrator for ensuring my life. I practice drawing every day to be able to achieve this goal.

In addition, to take commissions such as character design and illustration, I will also challenge some animation work to gain more practical experience!

───Thank you for being interviewed, is there any words you like to say to your audience or other creators?

I would be very happy and grateful if my work has fans, I`d like to say thank you!


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